rwa lo tsA ba rdo rje grags

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Ra Lotsāwa Dorje Drak(1016 - 1128)

Ra Lotsāwa Dorje Drak was an eleventh century translator and infamous magician, important during the later dissemination of the new tantric cycles of Yamāntaka. Ralo embodied the antinomian lifestyle of the Indian tantric Mahasiddhas, taking many wives and engaging in lethal magical combat with a number of respected lamas of his days. He himself is said to have boasted of killing thirteen lamas. Like his contemporary, Marpa, Ra Lotsāwa lived as a feudal lord, establishing no monastery. His transmissions eventually infiltrated all other traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Text People Deity/Cycle/Genre Total pages Folios
(ཆོས་ཀྱི་བློ་གྲོས་བཀའ་འབུམ་, Vol. 2, 633-634.)
Author: 'jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse chos kyi blo gros
Associated ppl: rwa lo tsA ba rdo rje grags
Genre: Verses of Praise - bstod pa 2 1a1 - 1b6
(མཁྱེན་བརྩེའི་བཀའ་འབུམ་, Vol. 20, 554-559.)
Author: 'jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse'i dbang po
Deity: 'jam dpal gshin rje
Genre: Pith Instructions - man ngagAverting or Dispelling Rites- zlog paActivity Practices - las tshogs
6 2b6 - 5a5