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Kunga Palden(1878 - 1944) 

Kunga Pelden was a twentieth-century yogin who resided around Dzogchen Monastery. He was a heart student of Orgyen Tendzin Norbu, himself a disciple of Patrul Rinpoche. He mostly spent his life in retreat and was a proponent of The Guru's Inner Essence, or Lama Yangtik, and the practices of the channels, vital energies, vital essences, and physical yogas of the Heart Essence of the Great Expanse, or Longchen Nyingtik. Kunga Pelden received Lama Yangtik, Longchen Nyingtik, and the physical yogas from Orgyen Tendzin Norbu and the practice of the channels, vital energies, and vital essences from Pema Tekchok Loden.

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(དིལ་མགོ་མཁྱེན་བརྩེ་བཀའ་འབུམ།, Vol. 1, 307-314.)
Author: Khyentse, Dilgo
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Genre: Biographies - Hagiography - rnam thar 15 1a - 8a4