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Item Subtype
Section Heading Page? Yes
Page Name
Full Title (Tibetan script)
Full Title (Wylie)
Full Title (Skt trans.)
Full Title (Translation)
Karchag Title (Tibetan script)
Karchag Title (Wylie)
Alt. Title(s) (Tibetan script)
Alt. Title(s) (Wylie)
Use brackets to
link author names "[[]]"
Collection (Tibetan Script)
Collection (Wylie)
Author(s) Check the spelling of the name in the Category People here.
Source Author(s) Authors of the original text translated in this item.
Lead editor(s)
Director(s) of editing
Associated people
Requested by
Lineage information Define the lineage information for the present work. This can be student-master relationships, etc. as far back as possible.
Tibetan literary type
Tibetan genres Check all that apply.
Terma Is this work related to, or is a translation of, a particular Terma (gter ma): Yes
Outline Category
Chokyi Lodro Outline Category
Dilgo Khyentse Outline Category
Type of Transmission
Associated Deity
Cycle of Teachings (Wylie)
Cycle of Teachings (Tibetan script)
Parent Cycle (Wylie) This field is for master cycles which would contain other cycles within them, like potentially the cycle this text belongs to, mentioned above. For example: "byang gter" could go in here as it contains many other cycles within it, in other words texts in the byang gter may also belong to another "sub-cycle"
Parent Cycle (Tibetan script)
Is this work canonical?
Canonical genres
Canonical reference number(s) Use the Tohoku catalog numbers separated by semicolons ";".
Full citations of the source text(s) You can paste from the DRL page if available. Use bullets (*) and brackets for linking ([[]]) the citation elements. For canonical works, include a fully formatted canonical citation, see more help information here.
Is this work a commentary?
Root text (Wylie) Provide the title of the commentary's <u>root text</u> in Wylie transliteration
Root text (Tibetan)
Author of root text (Wylie)
Author of root text (Tibetan)
Commentary history Write out if this is a commentary of a commentary, etc. providing title and author info back to the root text if possible.
Is the root text cited in its entirety within this commentary?
Language The language in which the text was written.
Keywords Specify any keywords related to this work
Translations of this text
Citations of Available Translations and Related Works
Volume Number Volume Number in Tibetan
Volume Letter in Tibetan Total Number of Volumes
Text Number Within the Volume Text Subnumber
Master Text Number Within Collection Page Numbers Within Volume
Total Number of Pages in this item Start Folio Line Number
End Folio Line Number Total Number of Folios
Number of texts within this volume
Type of volume For Tibetan collections (i.e. pod, deb, etc.)
Multi-volume work? Does this item belong to a <big>multi-volume work</big>? Yes
Front Left-side Text
Back Left-side Text
Colophon in Tibetan
Colophon in Wylie
Library version
Boulder # of copies
Fox Hollow # of copies
Kathmandu # of copies
Library location
Sorting attribute
Physical condition
Type of physical edition
Notes about this edition
Other Edition(s)
Publisher in Tibetan script
Organization Organization associated with this item either in terms of it's creation or publication
Organization in Tibetan script Organization associated with this item either in terms of it's creation or publication
Place of publication
Place of publication in Tibetan script:
Year of publication
Notes on the date of publication This can be related to the original publication of this work, as different than this one, or any other info related to other publication dates.
Copyright information If Copyright information is known, enter it here.
Library of Congress Classification Number Fetch from the LOC Website
Library of Congress Subjects You can copy these subjects just as they appear in the publication data page of a book. If they do not appear there you can find them on the LOC Website.
Archivist notes
Authorship related notes
Notes from Adam Pearcey
Notes from the Khyentse Vision Project